Healing Our Consciousness, World Politics

Healing the Victim / Tyrant Within

cartoon karl

Joseph Hugh O’Brien: “a lie is a lie no matter how many times it is repeated …”

My response to Joseph & the above cartoon:


The only thing about the lie, though, still a “lie” – is its one that people BELIEVE….when repeated enough. Sold enough. And, bought enough!

its hard not to feel hopeless…

Spin Doctors who’ve sold their Soul to the “Devil” – to whatever you wanna call it, so to speak – WHAT do we DO about it???

My heart is breaking RIGHT NOW!!!

I’m living AMIDST these Spin Doctors…I’m living amidst serious betrayal of justice… I’m living amidst the ones being slowly murdered by real liars / heroes of the dark side…

What do I do? What do any of us do?

There are many days I can’t go on… Somehow, I do…

I watch them murder, cut and burn their victims…

What do I do?

I am afraid of them. I have spoken up sought help everywhere… still seek help… all to NO AVAIL.

The “Helpers” are crooked too. They are parasites of the broken and seek only checks to accommodate their gluttonous appetite for their bulging pocketbooks and swollen mouths. They may be trying to compensate for “smaller things”; they might, in fact, be spurned by their self-righteous and uncheckable, unaccountable, perpetual hard-ons, turned on by their freeway as untouchable users – for taking whatever they want as the go-betweens of Hell and Heaven forever keeping the Space Between Injustice and Justice ne’re’d the twain shall be met….

Lawyers, yes, lawyers… the in between Evils who win at every turn. The only ones never to go to JAIL themselves for THEIR crimes! Having permanent protection in the ultimate system no matter their deceit against the “rights” of humanity much less the morals of Life itself. They think they are safe amidst the thievery and high-jacking of people’s lives to be the permanent go-between’s and who always get off scot-free no matter their client’s (clients’) and seeming foe’s fate. Their fate, they think, is always secure. They never really have opponents. For one minute each lawyer stands opposite and another moment, they stand together.

Who stands for the raped?

Who stands for the elderly?

Who stands for the children who carry guns to pay for school?

Who stands for the children held at gun point to hold others at gun point? Paid missionaries and now under 10 years old. And, enslaved missionaries, too, are now under 10 years old?

How do we EVER stop this?

How do we EVER stop these maddening Madness?

Because even if we do, if “we” ever “do” anything, there is always another birth… another child, to be born, somewhere… abandoned by his mother, rejected by her father, who lays waste the whole of humanity when they rise to adulthood to avenge the unhealed nature of their avoided, denied real torment…..

What now?

We keep healing ourselves…

We keep healing our own disowned selves…

We keep healing our own tragedies… our own maladies… if we can… if we have the mind to… if we have the prescience of our own shadow’s effects and conceive, by Grace, or, by the sweat and blood of pure-heart, fierce intention, to wake up and Evolve, Heal our wounds hell bent on destruction at any cost for the rewards of any amount, raping a child, a woman, a man, a college student, a grandmother…, poisoning our earth as the CEO’s of corporations of the world, drivers of logging machines and owners of logging companies alike who destroy the rainforest to plant soy and “grow” cattle…,



     “Yes, I could be a Hilter. Yes, I want to be a Hilter.”

     “But, I want to stop.”

“I want to get off this megalomania and heal my unconscious pain and not take another victim but Heal the Victim Within.”

“I want to awaken out of my own sickness – whatever it may be –
and recover my Soul, integrate my sick selves and find wholeness instead of carry out another human holocaust only to die in the end as all good evil doers do.”


We – as a race – might survive, not just to survive for the benefit of our Narcissistic, self-preserving egos along with our motivations for our natural, genetically built-in desire to thrive as well as our Awake, Aware Soul Conscience / Consciousness which seeks/Loves the GOOD FOR ALL!

Is this even POSSIBLE? Like, collectively?

This AWARENESS of our SHADOW Unconscious Consciousness is our ONLY hope!!

Let’s take heart, TOGETHER, and support – not CONDEMN – one another to OWN OUR SHADOWS!

Let us TAKE OWNERSHIP & HEAL, together!

Its the ONLY HOPE for this world!

We cannot continue to say, only, “The BAD GUY is OUT THERE!”

Its simply just not true.

You, We want someone to own some shit, own their shit, own yours, own ours, own mine!

Plus, we cannot FIND all the “BAD!”

BUT, we CAN ALWAYS find OURSELVES & GO WITHIN to HEAL what appears outside…

Can we now teach our children by showing, demonstrating self-awareness of our Shadow self?

Can we demonstrate to one another, stranger, friend and foe alike, that we see our Unconscious aspects? That we are looking within to heal and transform and integrate the disparate, disowned, traumatized parts? That we seek/choose healing?

This is our Hope.

Yes, we still call the external world on its dark side. We still call a Spade A Spade. A rapist a rapist – though for millennia no one seemed to care who could stop them but that’s another story….

We can still write the tale of overturned wills, shackled by Greed Gone Wild, Jealously Gone Berserk and Control Gone Outta Control to expose the fiendishly forlorn folks.

Public shaming is ancient of correction. Though does it really work on the clinically insane? Are they retrievable? Retractable?

That is the question. This is the million dollar 7 Billion People Question.

Is Humanity able to change/evolve – in time – to save our world from destruction of all kinds?

The earth will go but humans… extinction is a Very Real Reality Show Episode coming to our nearest and dearest TV stations called Before Our Very Own Eyes.

With 50% of creatures already extinct just in the last 100 years?!

We justify poisoning our very resources for LIFE at every turn: Nuclear Power Plants & Pretty little Nuclear Bombs housed with shiny nice red buttons that are our most attractive color making us say, “Yes, yes, yes… I wahn eeet! (drooling now) Yes, yes, YES, I wahn eeett NOW!”

How do we abstain from the sex appeal of the Shiny Red Button… of Destruction?????


When everything in our brains, says, “YES! Go toward the RED Target!”

Can we help ourselves?

Can we even help ourselves?

This is the question.

.:. But Maya Angelou “Say simply, very, very simply:
With Hope, Good Morning”.:.

.::::: I say, “Yes… Please keep inspiring us from the Beyond the Beyond….” ::::::.

PS Thank you,
Suzette Sommer for posting this cartoon & starting this thread & for all your awesome threads!! ❤