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Grace Ushering Out from the Deep Deafening Darkness

Grace ushering out from the deep deafening darkness
overtakes the awkward wayward organ of hopelessness

Demise in his eyes
he rose
unmet by full remorse
they couldn’t stop him
he went on anyway
finding so many reasons to abandon the mystic ship
but no one said to
no one said to turn a corner on the truth
no one suggested to keep the rudder to the port of fear

Its what they want
its what they need
to be right
but is it the only choice?
i don’t think so
i trying to recommend other things to him
he’s listening
turning the starboard way

Life is showing better – good things
life is increasing its dosage
thank goodness
he can’t compete with the evils in the world
he can’t stand up to darkness
there’s no use trying when all the world’s black veil hinders all sight in the first place

So, come, my friend, wake in the dark of night to the light of day
and enjoy what’s beneath your breath
they can’t take that away from you
as much as they’ve tried, they can’t

Just breathe and turn toward your heart that your soul imbibes
you are freedom’s name
you are future’s remnant’s that tear across the sky stripped of the night by stardust’s glory ride

Come, be yourself
come, emblazon your name on mine
come, rest in the rejoicing of ecstatic living for today is now alive in you

For today is now love in you
for today is now forever more fulfilling than in any other choice

Come, be you with me
and I’ll see you too

As I see me
above and

I am
you are




© 2014 sarah west • 10:30 pm Tuesday August 26th 2014

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