Paris: Pray for Grace and Acts of Love


We pray for Grace for everyone from Friday including those souls involved in the planning and in acting out the violence… to be in such pain as to choose out of all emotions and actions – to still choose violence… our hearts break in the agony of such atrocities.

Terrorists are suffering the same pain they have inflicted…

We pray that they open to love… love within themselves and love around them…. from anywhere… the sun… the moon… the stars… the wind…. even the love deep within – deeper than the pain…

The love is buried beneath the concealed pain…

More power to the Love emerging like a rising star in the east within every soul in this world …


Love is an act of ultimate courage in a world of hate.

Love is an act of heresy in a world of control and domination.

In a world of violence, Love is an act of mutiny.

We fear for our lives if we love when hatred dictates our brainwashed thoughts and behaviors.

Only Love gives us the courage to be soft in a world of hardness.

Love is yielding and quiet. Love does not scream louder when hate rails against itself, and all else, in ever increasing volumes. Love becomes even more still. Love’s power is ever humble. Love’s force is buoyantly light and dissolves chains rather than making them. Love melts walls and unifies dissonance. Love embraces and encourages instead of attacks and destroys.

If we only can hear an iron hand in a velvet glove of conditioning and only obey the law of fear, then how do we Love? How do we know how to Love when we were only shown neglect and abuse? Are we slaves to silence? The conditioned response to quiet our voices of pain and terror? Do we ever say, “No!!!”?

The body never forgets.

The action of Love is infinitely bold, and so, it takes enlightenment in the field of such crippling denial and penetrating blindness.

Suppression and repression leads the way to propagate souls empty of sympathy and empathy – perfect codes for brainwashed bodies and minds cultivated with precision to be instruments of war.

These bodies programmed by neglect and abandonment are so willing to take up arms to destroy life in order to repeat the act of war done to them. The buried screams of agony as children act out later, inevitably, at some point in one’s life, if no Love intervenes.

The cycle goes on…. a child reared in terror will promote that same terror. If these victim/victimizers do not touch that pain that reared them. Buried horror only comes out again as an adult – or, even as children – perpetuating the poison of silence towards abuse.

We are conditioned to ignore the signals of rage that wants to scream out from the mountain tops informing all of the terror that was and is inflicted on us as children by parents, by school teachers, by neighbors, by ministers, by other family members, by all who are perpetrators of abuse and whose denial allows them to be instruments of ritual terrorism while being blind to their unconscious repetition of what was done to them.

The world is full of elder abuse from hardened hearts who choose greed, revenge, control and jealousy over humility, love and support leaving the elder in a war with lawyers as false advocates as the lawyers are vultures feeding off the syndrome off tyrannical venom from their own evil minded children.

The world is full child abuse, spouse abuse, neighbor abuse, racism, bigotry infinite forms of hate born of denial of Love within the perpetrators own disowned self.

We are mute as adults, now, in programmed acquiescence, perfect drones to never rock the status-quo-boat. While dictators of countries and families alike rule the roost with an iron-fist fueled by unconscious revenge to assail their own early perpetrators yet their only result is to create more victims rather than quell their unhealed, unending pain.

We live in a society – a world, which condones such violences. Everyday and every way toward children – the foundation of humanity so often is raised to become abusers and willing silent, frozen witnesses – co-condoners toward exploitation.

Who is left to stand up and speak for the abused?

Who is left who has enough Love to stand stronger than the abusers?

Who is left to stop the abusers rampage?

Who will stop the legacy of emotional rape of humanity? Who will stop the terrorizing of the innocent, the next generation, the field of imperfect humanity that lays in front of the abuser’s path?

Who will cradle the forsaken? Who will witness with Love the one who enacts such atrocities large and small upon a country, a county or an individual?



When has the world we live in done anything else but react to violence with violence? Does a country, a villager, a child at school, a kid in the neighborhood, a sibling in a family, a lover know how to respond to violence with something other than violence or, it’s polar opposite, silence, numbness and suppression?

How do we change these well-grooved patterns?

How do we protect children, anyone?

What we are doing… in this world … is not enough. We are players in this world of denial and we dance with the leaders and followers of the music of pain without even being conscious of it. We know it on some level yet we push down our instincts to rise up.

Who doesn’t smoke, eat, sleep, search for comfort in others out of addiction? Who doesn’t use caffeine to wake up when on we is exhausted or just a little tired in order to dim the body’s natural need for rest? Who said a cat nap is illegal? Who said a hug is too close for comfort. Let me shake your hand when I greet you and say goodbye even when you are my father, my mother, my friend and my enemy. How long does a hug last? How long does a kiss last? How much tenderness fills our being when we give and receive? Can we stand the intimacy? That foreign feeling we crave?

Let’s agree, tacitly, to seek fulfillment in everything and everywhere but in the place we it can actually be found.

Let’s not.

Let’s wake up from the constant sales pitch to avoid, deny, suppress, repress, shame, squelch, silence and be silenced by our own inner tyrant well-trained by so much that is around us.

Let’s wake up from the commercials’ advocates to buy, buy, buy. Buy in order to perpetuate our numbness. Buy to feel alive for one moment – the ecstasy, the glee of shiny new things and then, the bill comes and the depression starts all over again but that depression even avoids the deeper one. The current fears and overwhelms hide the real cause and they are meant to.

“Keep up the charade,” the Powers-That-Be say. “Keep lying to yourself. Keep toting that party line so that we can continue to take advantage of you in all your ignorance. In all your longing for approval that you never, ever get in the way we have trained you, indoctrinated you to seek it.

“And, what’s so fabulous for us is that you continue the abuse yourselves! You continue the abuse on yourselves and toward others! This is fabulous for us because we eventually don’t have to work very hard at conditioning you all, our slaves, our much needed consumers of all things you don’t really need. But, you must feel the need! You must think you need so you will buy!

“This is our diabolical plan and we have been doing it a very, very long time. Even if there were no products in the world, this system works to keep you down, depressed, repressed, angry at yourselves and each other and always at war.

“This keeps you disempowered and forever feeling lost and alone and utterly unloved. This is our ultimate goal: for you to feel unloved. Hah! And, we’ve accomplished this goal! No, you will not win! No, you will not feel loved! No, You will not win!”

Will we let this voice in our head win?

Will we let this voice in our society win?

We must wake up and see and feel what is happening in order to change… ourselves.

We must wake up and have courage: to take stand, to speak up, to get help, to be help, to join together.

We must join together.

This is the only way.


How do we educate a world of potential parents before they infect their children with the poisons of their own minor or massive abusive patterns?

The miraculous who have grown up with Love, tenderness and empathy may not be fully able to understand the flight of much of the world who suffers from the adversity of adversarial parenting or other tyrants.

How do we educate ourselves and the world, every family to be and every family being with the Wisdom of Love?


When religions have co-opted education and moral codes and simultaneously been the harbingers of terror: abuse right inside the church from pedophilia to rape to coercion through power mongering to country-wide, continent-wide tirades of inquisitions killing millions for thinking fir themselves.

There us no unified field of upbringing children and even treating others. We will argue about these things till the cows come home and way past because those who will argue are those who are abused themselves.

We have a tenet “Love thy neighbor as yourself.” But how well does this work in the immediate face of violence and the rage of oppression?

Where are we taught to feel? Where are we taught to emote. To take responsibility for our feelings?

Where are we taught to emerge from the rubble and connect within before we react without?

copyright Sarah West Nov 16th, 2015 12:22 a.m.

Order Sarah’s book “The Search for the Beloved”



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