Sarah West, singer, Songwriter, Composer, Celestial Mystical Opera, Healing, Music


“Be BRAVE, my sweet soul, humble and hunker down into the great white silence. Unfurl into the deep, black void where Home awaits you. Listen only to the space inside thy breath. Dear is thy infinite heart beating to express immortality on Earth. This great mystery of veiling reality so that you can experience… another side of Me.

“Come Home, my sweet tender feather, I have a honeycomb of weightless treasures to steep you in to give you treasures to carry back with you as you step back into the trail of undulating catharses coursing through your blue veins the Life you desire to live.

“Love, rest here, where I Am. Come hither, drink, rest, inebriate – disappear!”


Look for the release coming soon here & on

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