Sarah West, singer, Songwriter, Composer, Celestial Mystical Opera, Healing, Music
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Look Up!

Heaven’s ever present in the magic of the blue birds.
I hear their song and faint ever so slightly at their mastery.
Beauty belongs to no one, yet everyone bears its mark if they so desire.

Look up, my Friend, look up into the Sky, the place where we all come from.
The Earth is not your home though your vessel is born of its dust.
Give thy Ground due honor though in every way you can.
Take care of that which bore your Soul so that you can one day Rise and Fly with wings of the Forever Beasts and see the Sea of Eternity evermore upon thy Immortal Breast.

Lie strong, lie free, lie infinitely in Me, together, we will part the waves of Time coasting currents forever in our midst.

Beauty belies you, my Friend.
Beauty IS You, My Dear Beloved.
Rest, ride free, high and SING thy Glory name is Mine, Thine, and Ours ever will Be.”


© 2016 Sarah West •


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Sarah West, Composer, Healer, Celestial Mystical Opera, Singer, Songwriter, Composer •
Sarah West, Composer, Healer, Celestial Mystical Opera, Singer, Songwriter, Composer •
Sarah West, singer, Songwriter, Composer, Celestial Mystical Opera, Healing, Music
Sarah West, Composer, Healer, Celestial Mystical Opera, Singer, Songwriter, Composer •
Sarah West is a composer, deliverer of Celestial Mystical Opera, author, psychic, painter, sculptor, poet, lover of beauty, advocate of the abandoned, and worshiper of Souls filled with Spirit. Her books include The Search for the Beloved (CD & BOOK together! A SPECIAL DISCOUNT JUNE SALE now while supplies last), Loving An AngelBreath of Spirit, The Golden Rose, I Remember Heaven. 

Her hauntingly peaceful Mystical Operas are available as 9 CD’s & MP3’s which include: Voice of Eternity (1995), The Sacred Pyramid (1997), Sanctuary (2000), The Search for the Beloved (2001), Sultana (2005), . To purchase, please VISIT Sarah’s site directly as iTUNES sells illegal copies of her music and has another artist with the same name which sometimes confuses people. To be sure you’r buying Sarah’s HEALING STAR MUSIC and paying her publishing company so that she can continue to usher forth these beautiful expressions: Use this site to BUY your Heavenly DOWNLOADS NOW.

The Search for the Beloved (Book & CD) by Sarah West.

“Divine!” – Wayne Dyer

“Sarah’s music and words will heal and inspire anyone who listens!”
 Larry Dossey MD

Sarah West is able to touch the deepest recesses of the heart, moving them into alignment with the world behind appearances… which humanity yearns for now as never before.”
— Paul Jones, concert Pianist

— Paul Jones, concert Pianist


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We live in a stressed world and these recordings, you will find, palpably shift your consciousness into a serene, enlivened and highly creative state of mind… Connecting with your transcendence, which is what my music does, helps you reach your GENIUS state of being and draw it in to your everyday life for SUCCESS, JOY & WELL-BEING.

I welcome you to comment below or, message me with your experiences with my Healing Star MusicCelestial Mystical Opera…. Warmest WISHES and HAPPY JUNE!! 


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