Mystical Music – Radiant Waves of Bliss

Sarah West Music


This “Lullaby of Peace” (2005) CD is a beautiful celestial chant – a lullaby that is ideal for healing sessions, massage and bodywork sessions, sleeping, meditation and all things where you want to bring a sense of deep peace and contentment.

Sultana cd

“Sultana” (2006) Sultana LIVE album release of recordings from 2002 to 2005 is Ms. West’s new recordings of angelic soothing arias a caps, some trance/ambient style compositions, a live recording from Sarah’s opening concert at Deepak Chopra’s new healing center in La Costa, CA and more & opening for Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Sedona, Arizona.


“The Sacred Pyramid” CD (1997) was recorded in a sacred Native American healing grounds and emanates this holy sanctuary state. “The Sacred Pyramid” radiates Celestial Mystical arias for healing, rejuvenation and peace of mind. Dive into the trance of tranquility! Soothing, awakening your genius IQ, your Soul, your High Spirit!


“Sanctuary” CD (2000) LIVE in a Sacred Garden in Lima, Peru, with Tibetan Bells and Tibetan Bowls along with” Sarah’s haunting reaching from the Beyond circling again and again back into this world with her magnificent state of Peace and ever-inspiring astounding Silence.” Let Sanctuary carry you into a stillness to where the source of your being resides. Enjoy deep relaxation! LIVE in a sacred garden in Lima, Peru. Profound, Shamanic and deeply healing!


“Voice of Eternity” (1994) Celestial Mystical Opera carries you into another world. Her healing arias are lullabies of peace that bring you into stillness and harmony. Mesmerizing and haunting in the most beautiful way!

Search for the Beloved

“The Search for the Beloved” BOOK & CD (2015 New Edition, 2001 original publication)

“Divine!” – Wayne Dyer

“Sarah’s music and words will heal and inspire anyone who listens!”
– Larry Dossey, M.D. Healing Words author

“I can only handle your prose one dose at a time. Your words – your wisdom is so shocking! Your book cures me!”
– Ginny Floss

The Search for the Beloved by Sarah West… left me speechless and spellbound with goose bumps that will never subside. We are all Searching for the Beloved within ourselves. It is not an external person we are searching for but ourselves in all of our tangles and chaos within this world.

Sarah, you have left me with much to consider with your beautiful music and soul. I am in The Search for the Beloved myself and will probably be for all time. Nevertheless, you have brought me much closer than I have ever been before. Thank you and I love you immensely.”
– Lola Perkins

“Sarah – your spoken word is as powerful as your musical CDs. AMAZED! Love it! SO, SO, SO beautiful!!! Thank you!”
– Deb Childs

“Inspiring and uplifting while exquisitely touching! Sarah West’s new book & Cd release, The Search for the Beloved is a mystical rapture unveiling the journey inward as one searches for love outwardly. Hailed a modern Rumi utterance, The Search for the Beloved carries you palpably into a hypnotic state undulating your heart, your soul, your spirit and even your body to pulse alive again in ways you have longed to awaken.”
– Evan Soul, reviewer

The Search for the Beloved, Sarah West’s book and CD release is an ecstatic delivery on the scale of Rumi and beyond! So sublime, you are sure to be wafting in the rafters by the first line, and by the end, so immersed in your own sweet vulernability that you’ll be vibrating in bliss. You’ll want it go on forever….

Listening to Sarah’s voice and reading her mystic illumination are a rare treat to be enjoyed for all for lifetimes!”
– Ellara Randolf

PICK UP a copy or two of this keepsake book for your bedside table.

• Open its lovely pages each night before slumber to read to yourself or your loved one in person or over the phone.

• Snuggle up close to your heart and soul and be soothed the sounds of Sarah’s voice on the page and on this luxurious CD.

• Bring your loved ones close by reading the inspirational text with those you care about. And, read it aloud to yourself. Touch the whole heart and soul of your being – the open wide self and the forlorn self.

• Heal any broken places that longs for love.

• Exponentialize the heart of you into further rapture awaking to the ever-present magnanimous soul of your being.



“Train O’ Freedom” (2010) Train O’ Freedom is a precious hand of songs in the style of  Spirituals and Blues. I am so passionate about these that I chose to release this very special original recording to you.

Train O’ Freedom is a precious hand of songs in the style of Spirituals. I am so passionate about these that I chose to release this very special original recording to you of raw, LIVE Cell Phone Sessions!

This CD is dedicated to the Black History awareness of Shockoe Bottom in Richmond, Virginia and the cause of creating an entire center in the area with a Museum to honor those who suffered in this part of the history of our world. “It’s time for Richmond to make that choice. Let’s make the slavery and freedom heritage site a success that honors Richmond’s past and shapes our future.” BY JOHN W. MARTIN, Richmond Times Dispatch – see 3rd link for his article.

VISIT: & to learn more and SUPPORT THIS GLOBAL CAUSE to help the Black Slavery and Emancipation Heritage!


I love the nuance of each of the songs. One day I will re-record them, but until then, enjoy them in their current state of being. This recording reminds me of the old ones from the turn of the century when recording techniques were far from perfect but still carry the sacred vibration of the singer’s heart and soul.





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