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“Be BRAVE, my sweet soul, humble and hunker down into the great white silence. Unfurl into the deep, black void where Home awaits you. Listen only to the space inside thy breath. Dear is thy infinite heart beating to express immortality on Earth. This great mystery of veiling reality so that you can experience… another side of Me.

“Come Home, my sweet tender feather, I have a honeycomb of weightless treasures to steep you in to give you treasures to carry back with you as you step back into the trail of undulating catharses coursing through your blue veins the Life you desire to live.

“Love, rest here, where I Am. Come hither, drink, rest, inebriate – disappear!”


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Wave of LOVE

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“In reading this book, may you be inspired,
moved and awakened in places
that open your heart, your mind,
your body and your soul
to the needs of change and transparency
during these critical
and Amazing Times
within yourself.
Support with kindness
the transformation of us all!!”

Wave of Love by Sarah West • coming soon! Check for availability here • Sarah West • Composer, Performer • Celestial Mystical Opera, Psychic Healer
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Healing with Eternity

“She is Divine!” –Wayne Dyer

“Sarah’s music and words will heal and inspire anyone who listens!”
Larry Dossey, M.D. author of Healing Words


“There is no doubt in my mind that Sarah West has been chosen to bring through the voice of the celestial realm and she does it with such an incredibly unforgettable presence and ease that is absolutely mesmerizing!!”
–Sheridan Phyll Marie

“She has a beautiful presence and talent known by millions of people all over the world. Her voice brings peace and harmony to everybody on this earth.”
–Mustafa C. Comlekcioglu


Sarah West is an award winning film soundtrack composer. She creates haunting soundscapes leaving her audience with indelible impressions of peace and transcendence of the human spirit!Sarah West is an author, film soundtrack composer, international recording artist and performer, TV/Radio producer and Host, speaker/workshop leader. Ms. West also has been offering business, family & person coaching internationally for over 15 years. Please contact us through her contact page to schedule booking and sessions.


A Message from Paul Jones, Concert Pianist

Sarah West is one of those truly rare phenomena that Divine Providence elects as a pontifex, or bridge, to span the gap between actuality and possibility, between what humankind believes to be true and what is sensed intuitively to be true. This is no small matter. The greatest minds of every culture and of every age unanimously speak of another world, that to truly live is to surpass oneself, folding back to that astonishing part of us that partakes of this still point.

Sarah West gives audible life to this stillness, this possibility, both through her singing and speech. As a result, she is able to touch the deepest recesses of the heart, moving them into alignment with the world behind appearances, the world, which the greater part of humanity yearns for now as never before.

Stated differently, Sarah West is about that uncommon depth, the stuff of genius which we all recognize immediately, that comes along in a rarefied embodiment to remind us all what this life is and what it is for.

As a concert veteran of some forty years, and as someone who, himself, has performed with some of the very greatest musicians in the world, I can say without qualification that Sarah West is in a class by herself, embodying ideals both musically and personally that situate her as a harbinger of the kind artist this planet of our demands. Fortunate indeed are those, like myself, who, having heard, knew, and having known, were forever changed. This is Ms. West’s legacy, her gift to the people of the Earth.


Reviews & Testimonials

“She shimmered ethereal, like an apparition of a divine form. Her voice, a sine wave bridging manifest creation with angelic realms, celestial light.  We sat transported, transfigured, by her hymns, poetry and divine dance of ecstasy…

“Sarah’s voice seems to pick up where choir-like voices echoing of vaulted stone cathedral walls, leave off. Her tones seemed to me to follow from the lineage of Gregorian chant, but somehow they are just more pure, and I felt as if I was hearing sounds from transcendent worlds that could only be heard in places where the vibrational quality of the audience permitted divine expression on earth.” 

–Stephen Harper, Review


“When I was in New York City recently,
I had an amazing experience.
At a service I attended,
a young woman named Sarah West
got up and sang one song.
It was a song without words,
and I never had heard anything like it before.

“All I can say is that
it sounded like the Original Sound of God.

It came through Sarah and
was the clearest and
most powerful spiritual call
I have ever heard.
I thought I was going to
dissolve right on the spot.”Hearing Sarah’s singing
is hearing
the Sound of Eternity.”–A. Bushnell

.:. • Sarah West • Composer, Performer • Celestial Mystical Opera, Psychic Healer • Sarah West • Composer, Performer • Celestial Mystical Opera, Psychic Healer

Her voice, her sounds, her tones, her songs, are the echoes of the origins of the One frequency. Her singing carries the resonance, the truth, the purity, the divinity of the beginning, the history of humankind. She sings all beings’ heart song, all beings’ original language:  Wholeness.

“Her voice expresses the chants of the universe and the tones of all entities. She expresses the collective love of all creatures. Her being radiates the presence of home. She holds the light for all to come forth out of darkness…She gently speaks the message of God’s Heart reminding them of the angel inside. Her heavenly voice is a choir of each Soul’s dreams. She expresses to live what you Love!

“She is a facilitator, a guide, a beacon, a light that shines. reflecting the personal journey of humanity. When she sings, she effortlessly aligns soul to soul with each person. Her singing is not a performance, but a communion, a sacred meeting. She channels each soul’s, each elements unique call opening a portal for the being to explore their infinite essence…She is the teacher of the angel inside….

“The one who sings is said to carry forth the torch of the light of the voice of God. For they express the spirit of the vibration of sounds within the universe, to inspire and give great upliftment to for the souls to go forth and reveal the gifts, the messages, of the “sounding of trumpets from heaven” which shall be the captains on the voyage of the new arc to freedom. Sarah West is the soul who has long shared her love of the One.

“Her singing transmutes separation into oneness, forgiveness replaces rage, each person feels that they are known, they are accepted, they float and fly in the love. She wants each person to know they are home. Spirits gather to bask in the glow of the angel of the infinite love.” 


.:. • Sarah West • Composer, Performer • Celestial Mystical Opera, Psychic Healer • Sarah West • Composer, Performer • Celestial Mystical Opera, Psychic Healer
“Sarah, You were amazing last night at the Martin Gray benefit. Thanks for raising up the already wonderful vibrations at that gathering. You have a beautiful gift. Blessings!
–D. Cates, Sedona, Arizona
“I felt my heart open and burst wide to a freedom and perpetual Love that I was touched to tears that deeply healed me.”  –Judith

“The soul of All That Is singing through the vocal chords of Sarah West creates a resonant vibration that gently opens the portals of the heart. With the portals of the heart wide open the room immediately fills with the energy of the eternal self, soul-essence, wherein all present may taste of the divine banquet.  Anchoring of this collective consciousness attunes those present to the highest vibrations of pure love and the personal truths it embodies.”

– Sheridan Marie

.:. • Sarah West • Composer, Performer • Celestial Mystical Opera, Psychic Healer • Sarah West • Composer, Performer • Celestial Mystical Opera, Psychic Healer
As a Teacher and Healing Facilitator

“Sarah West is one of the leading experts in human transformation. She uses music and yoga in order to bring a larger consciousness of life and purposes to people everywhere. She is not only a sensitive visionary but she also understands the practical problems of life in the troubled world.

“I hope she will participate in the Social Summit organized by the United Nations from 5 March in Copenhagen, Denmark, where at least 20,000 governmental and non-governmental delegates are meeting in order to plan for a new social order beyond 1995. This conference would benefit greatly from the participation of Ms. West.”

– Rashmi Mayur, Ph.D, President, Global Futures Network, Bombay, India, United Nations Social Scientist

.:. • Sarah West • Composer, Performer • Celestial Mystical Opera, Psychic Healer • Sarah West • Composer, Performer • Celestial Mystical Opera, Psychic Healer
“Having personally experienced the expressions guided through Sarah’s being in sound and words, and having had several major personal breakthroughs as a result of these experiences, I want to communicate to others the power and abilities she has. There is the performer with the celestial voice opening up the heart and mind of the listener to the power and light of our divinity. There is the teacher who guides one to access the knowledge, beauty, and strength that is within each of us. And there is the human being who incarnates the love and caring that we long for to be complete.

“I saw each of these qualities being expressed and manifested in her dealings and work with others during her stay at Omega Institute. I experienced these personally in the various exercises and processes we shared. I was privileged to have shared personal discussions and interactions which brought up and cleared blockages in my life and opened me to work effectively and creatively on new projects which had been lying dormant.”

– Arthur Rashap,  Omega Institute, Department Head, Guest Services

.:. • Sarah West • Composer, Performer • Celestial Mystical Opera, Psychic Healer • Sarah West • Composer, Performer • Celestial Mystical Opera, Psychic Healer

A Letter from Mary Ann St. John

Thank You Sarah – for you Were the hands in which I Could See… I feel the love Encouraging me to keep walking toward light & Empowerment of believing and knowing the Unseen. The love from your hands are definately blocking & pushing away any fear I may come upon.

I Cannot thank You Enough. You truly are the Works of Love & God – And I Would love to learn from your hands as you truly have so Much to teach.

Thank You Sarah, Thank You

–Mary Ann St. John read more

Ariya’s Cosmic Show
Sarah’s popular inspirational talk show

“Dear Sarah: You have inspired me beyond words. Your show is one of the few programs that I truly enjoy.”


“One evening, I watched Ariya’s Cosmic Show and I was so amazed about Sarah’s energy. I believe in my heart that she has and will touch people with her message and her show. Please put her show back on, I’m sure I am not the only one who feels this way. Thank you.”

–Natascha Dandridge

“I was amazed at the power and strength you showed when you spoke on your show. I noticed that every word, every action counted and they were very powerful!”


Listen to Ms. West’s NEWEST CD release Lullaby of Peace

What we call music in this context here on this website is
The Medium for Consciousness
– Unity Consciounses,
“Origin Consciousness” as Ms. West puts it:

 .:. • Sarah West • Composer, Performer • Celestial Mystical Opera, Psychic Healer • Sarah West • Composer, Performer • Celestial Mystical Opera, Psychic Healer

Sarah West’s Eternal Emanations are frequency entrainments to assist the human expression to re-envelop into what she calls “The Divine Presence Experience” – “The quivering of creation through the context of the brain, heart, body, soul and spirit to experience unification” through the effortless fragrance of Sarah’s music that is more than “music”: Her unfurling of Eternity is what one might call Source Consciousness pouring through her out into our perceived 3-D reality.

.:. Excerpt from Interview with Sarah .:. • Sarah West • Composer, Performer • Celestial Mystical Opera, Psychic Healer • Sarah West • Composer, Performer • Celestial Mystical Opera, Psychic Healer

Human words barely are able to touch the hem of these luminous transcendent realms of Infinite Love which we all originate from and essentially are. In this vast and ever-present conscious and unconscious search to articulate –define our experiences in This Holiness, This Holy Home– we must breath in and breath out, and, literally, go into this place, embody This Origin Consciousness in order to locate what we call “words” so that we can share, transcribe and translate our experience giving human voice to the meta-physical, the beyond-the-body realms that we truly call Home.

“It is time now. It is time. It is Time to Live Awareness of our Timeless Nature.

“Within this Mystery is All – Beyond Time. We now find that we are arriving in this human dance of what we call Life to arrive collected, cohesive and lucid in our awareness. 

“Lucid of this moment, this moment and now this moment. Through this Arrival, we train – re-train – ourselves to release the addiction to separation – drama – the swing of the pendulum – entering The Stillness, the utter beauty of the Center Point, the one effortless state of being that arrives as the eye of the storm exquisitely, perfectly echoing our true origins, our True Nature. 

“All else is fantasia. A lucid dream reflecting the vicissitudes of duality as far left and as far right and as far up and as far down as you’d like to go…. The beauty of this drama becomes a strange and foreign feigning of who we really know “we” Are! – One Is.

“All of these words seem ridiculous and we say them in order to dialogue with this human mind we’ve formed to dance this Divine–Human Dance birthed out of – from – the consciousness of our Eternal Origin. 

“This is ultimately the Beauty Beyond that moves through me:  

“It is through the Transmission and Entrainment of Unity Consciousness to whatever degree you would like to perceive or define, through these Mystical usherings through my voice, body, heart, mind, soul and spirit – All that I am – that I share this Unity Origin. 

“As we listen and vibrate within these Holy Transcendental Arias, we Unify – arise so-to-speak – into the awareness that is Eternal and Within – Each of Us. 

 .:. • Sarah West • Composer, Performer • Celestial Mystical Opera, Psychic Healer • Sarah West • Composer, Performer • Celestial Mystical Opera, Psychic Healer

A Message of Love from Sarah

“Sensually saturate yourself

with Hypnotic Holiness that is YOU!

Let these vibrations of Exquisite Stillness

carry you Out-of-Time and

into Timelessness,

your True Home! 

I Love You.

You are Love.

We are each other.

Breathing in – breathing out –

experiencing Diversity.

The University of Diverse Unity.

The Unity of Diversity: University! 


– Sarah West



Use these CD’s & books offered here to snuggle up to your own Divine Self!

© 2016 Sarah West •


“Loving An Angel” book COMING OUT SOON!

Look for it here on Instagram @SarahWest
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Sarah West is a composer, deliverer of Celestial Mystical Opera, author, psychic, painter, sculptor, poet, lover of beauty, advocate of the abandoned, and worshiper of Souls filled with Spirit. Her books include The Search for the Beloved (CD & BOOK together! A SPECIAL DISCOUNT JUNE SALE now while supplies last), Loving An AngelBreath of Spirit, The Golden Rose, I Remember Heaven. 

Her hauntingly peaceful Mystical Operas are available as 9 CD’s & MP3’s which include: Voice of Eternity (1995), The Sacred Pyramid (1997), Sanctuary (2000), The Search for the Beloved (2001), Sultana (2005), . To purchase, please VISIT Sarah’s site directly as iTUNES sells illegal copies of her music and has another artist with the same name which sometimes confuses people. To be sure you’r buying Sarah’s HEALING STAR MUSIC and paying her publishing company so that she can continue to usher forth these beautiful expressions: Use this site to BUY your Heavenly DOWNLOADS NOW.

Sarah West, Composer, Healer, Celestial Mystical Opera, Singer, Songwriter, Composer •
Sarah West, Composer, Healer, Celestial Mystical Opera, Singer, Songwriter, Composer •

“Divine!” – Wayne Dyer

“Sarah’s music and words will heal and inspire anyone who listens!”
 Larry Dossey MD

Sarah West is able to touch the deepest recesses of the heart, moving them into alignment with the world behind appearances… which humanity yearns for now as never before.”
— Paul Jones, concert Pianist

— Paul Jones, concert Pianist


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We live in a stressed world and these recordings, you will find, palpably shift your consciousness into a serene, enlivened and highly creative state of mind… Connecting with your transcendence, which is what my music does, helps you reach your GENIUS state of being and draw it in to your everyday life for SUCCESS, JOY & WELL-BEING.

I welcome you to comment below or, message me with your experiences with my Healing Star MusicCelestial Mystical Opera…. Warmest WISHES and HAPPY JUNE!! • Sarah West • Composer, Performer • Celestial Mystical Opera, Psychic Healer • Sarah West • Composer, Performer • Celestial Mystical Opera, Psychic Healer

Paris: Pray for Grace and Acts of Love


We pray for Grace for everyone from Friday including those souls involved in the planning and in acting out the violence… to be in such pain as to choose out of all emotions and actions – to still choose violence… our hearts break in the agony of such atrocities.

Terrorists are suffering the same pain they have inflicted…

We pray that they open to love… love within themselves and love around them…. from anywhere… the sun… the moon… the stars… the wind…. even the love deep within – deeper than the pain…

The love is buried beneath the concealed pain…

More power to the Love emerging like a rising star in the east within every soul in this world …


Love is an act of ultimate courage in a world of hate.

Love is an act of heresy in a world of control and domination.

In a world of violence, Love is an act of mutiny.

We fear for our lives if we love when hatred dictates our brainwashed thoughts and behaviors.

Only Love gives us the courage to be soft in a world of hardness.

Love is yielding and quiet. Love does not scream louder when hate rails against itself, and all else, in ever increasing volumes. Love becomes even more still. Love’s power is ever humble. Love’s force is buoyantly light and dissolves chains rather than making them. Love melts walls and unifies dissonance. Love embraces and encourages instead of attacks and destroys.

If we only can hear an iron hand in a velvet glove of conditioning and only obey the law of fear, then how do we Love? How do we know how to Love when we were only shown neglect and abuse? Are we slaves to silence? The conditioned response to quiet our voices of pain and terror? Do we ever say, “No!!!”?

The body never forgets.

The action of Love is infinitely bold, and so, it takes enlightenment in the field of such crippling denial and penetrating blindness.

Suppression and repression leads the way to propagate souls empty of sympathy and empathy – perfect codes for brainwashed bodies and minds cultivated with precision to be instruments of war.

These bodies programmed by neglect and abandonment are so willing to take up arms to destroy life in order to repeat the act of war done to them. The buried screams of agony as children act out later, inevitably, at some point in one’s life, if no Love intervenes.

The cycle goes on…. a child reared in terror will promote that same terror. If these victim/victimizers do not touch that pain that reared them. Buried horror only comes out again as an adult – or, even as children – perpetuating the poison of silence towards abuse.

We are conditioned to ignore the signals of rage that wants to scream out from the mountain tops informing all of the terror that was and is inflicted on us as children by parents, by school teachers, by neighbors, by ministers, by other family members, by all who are perpetrators of abuse and whose denial allows them to be instruments of ritual terrorism while being blind to their unconscious repetition of what was done to them.

The world is full of elder abuse from hardened hearts who choose greed, revenge, control and jealousy over humility, love and support leaving the elder in a war with lawyers as false advocates as the lawyers are vultures feeding off the syndrome off tyrannical venom from their own evil minded children.

The world is full child abuse, spouse abuse, neighbor abuse, racism, bigotry infinite forms of hate born of denial of Love within the perpetrators own disowned self.

We are mute as adults, now, in programmed acquiescence, perfect drones to never rock the status-quo-boat. While dictators of countries and families alike rule the roost with an iron-fist fueled by unconscious revenge to assail their own early perpetrators yet their only result is to create more victims rather than quell their unhealed, unending pain.

We live in a society – a world, which condones such violences. Everyday and every way toward children – the foundation of humanity so often is raised to become abusers and willing silent, frozen witnesses – co-condoners toward exploitation.

Who is left to stand up and speak for the abused?

Who is left who has enough Love to stand stronger than the abusers?

Who is left to stop the abusers rampage?

Who will stop the legacy of emotional rape of humanity? Who will stop the terrorizing of the innocent, the next generation, the field of imperfect humanity that lays in front of the abuser’s path?

Who will cradle the forsaken? Who will witness with Love the one who enacts such atrocities large and small upon a country, a county or an individual?



When has the world we live in done anything else but react to violence with violence? Does a country, a villager, a child at school, a kid in the neighborhood, a sibling in a family, a lover know how to respond to violence with something other than violence or, it’s polar opposite, silence, numbness and suppression?

How do we change these well-grooved patterns?

How do we protect children, anyone?

What we are doing… in this world … is not enough. We are players in this world of denial and we dance with the leaders and followers of the music of pain without even being conscious of it. We know it on some level yet we push down our instincts to rise up.

Who doesn’t smoke, eat, sleep, search for comfort in others out of addiction? Who doesn’t use caffeine to wake up when on we is exhausted or just a little tired in order to dim the body’s natural need for rest? Who said a cat nap is illegal? Who said a hug is too close for comfort. Let me shake your hand when I greet you and say goodbye even when you are my father, my mother, my friend and my enemy. How long does a hug last? How long does a kiss last? How much tenderness fills our being when we give and receive? Can we stand the intimacy? That foreign feeling we crave?

Let’s agree, tacitly, to seek fulfillment in everything and everywhere but in the place we it can actually be found.

Let’s not.

Let’s wake up from the constant sales pitch to avoid, deny, suppress, repress, shame, squelch, silence and be silenced by our own inner tyrant well-trained by so much that is around us.

Let’s wake up from the commercials’ advocates to buy, buy, buy. Buy in order to perpetuate our numbness. Buy to feel alive for one moment – the ecstasy, the glee of shiny new things and then, the bill comes and the depression starts all over again but that depression even avoids the deeper one. The current fears and overwhelms hide the real cause and they are meant to.

“Keep up the charade,” the Powers-That-Be say. “Keep lying to yourself. Keep toting that party line so that we can continue to take advantage of you in all your ignorance. In all your longing for approval that you never, ever get in the way we have trained you, indoctrinated you to seek it.

“And, what’s so fabulous for us is that you continue the abuse yourselves! You continue the abuse on yourselves and toward others! This is fabulous for us because we eventually don’t have to work very hard at conditioning you all, our slaves, our much needed consumers of all things you don’t really need. But, you must feel the need! You must think you need so you will buy!

“This is our diabolical plan and we have been doing it a very, very long time. Even if there were no products in the world, this system works to keep you down, depressed, repressed, angry at yourselves and each other and always at war.

“This keeps you disempowered and forever feeling lost and alone and utterly unloved. This is our ultimate goal: for you to feel unloved. Hah! And, we’ve accomplished this goal! No, you will not win! No, you will not feel loved! No, You will not win!”

Will we let this voice in our head win?

Will we let this voice in our society win?

We must wake up and see and feel what is happening in order to change… ourselves.

We must wake up and have courage: to take stand, to speak up, to get help, to be help, to join together.

We must join together.

This is the only way.


How do we educate a world of potential parents before they infect their children with the poisons of their own minor or massive abusive patterns?

The miraculous who have grown up with Love, tenderness and empathy may not be fully able to understand the flight of much of the world who suffers from the adversity of adversarial parenting or other tyrants.

How do we educate ourselves and the world, every family to be and every family being with the Wisdom of Love?


When religions have co-opted education and moral codes and simultaneously been the harbingers of terror: abuse right inside the church from pedophilia to rape to coercion through power mongering to country-wide, continent-wide tirades of inquisitions killing millions for thinking fir themselves.

There us no unified field of upbringing children and even treating others. We will argue about these things till the cows come home and way past because those who will argue are those who are abused themselves.

We have a tenet “Love thy neighbor as yourself.” But how well does this work in the immediate face of violence and the rage of oppression?

Where are we taught to feel? Where are we taught to emote. To take responsibility for our feelings?

Where are we taught to emerge from the rubble and connect within before we react without?

copyright Sarah West Nov 16th, 2015 12:22 a.m.

Order Sarah’s book “The Search for the Beloved” • Sarah West • Composer, Performer • Celestial Mystical Opera, Psychic Healer
Book Review, Books

The Search for the Beloved

Search for the Beloved

My Book & CD, the NEW 15 Year Anniversary Edition, The Search for the Beloved  is NOW available!

Pick up a copy or two of this keepsake book for your bedside table. Open its lovely pages each night before slumber to read to yourself or your loved one in person or over the phone.

Snuggle up close to your heart and soul and be soothed the sounds of Sarah’s voice on the page and on this luxurious CD.

Bring your loved ones close by reading the inspirational text with those you care about. And, read it aloud to yourself.

Touch the whole heart and soul of your being – the open wide self and the forlorn self. Heal any broken places that longs for love.

Exponentialize the heart of you into further rapture awaking to the ever-present magnanimous soul of your being.

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Book Reviews:”Divine!” – Wayne Dyer

“Sarah’s music and words will heal and inspire anyone who listens!”
– Larry Dossey, M.D. Healing Words author

“I can only handle your prose one dose at a time. Your words – your wisdom is so shocking! Your book cures me!”
– Ginny Floss

The Search for the Beloved by Sarah West… left me speechless and spellbound with goose bumps that will never subside. We are all Searching for the Beloved within ourselves. It is not an external person we are searching for but ourselves in all of our tangles and chaos within this world.

We are endlessly searching for ourselves that we have lost and are bound to forever search for, until we find the peace within ourselves. We will forever be in The Search for the Beloved until we find that tiny particle of love for ourselves that we need to nurture and grow. Until that time we will be forever in “The Search for the Beloved.”

Sarah, you have left me with much to consider with your beautiful music and soul. I am in The Search for the Beloved myself and will probably be for all time. Nevertheless, you have brought me much closer than I have ever been before. Thank you and I love you immensely.”
– Lola Perkins

“Sarah – your spoken word is as powerful as your musical CDs. AMAZED! Love it! SO, SO, SO beautiful!!! Thank you!”
– Deb Childs

“Inspiring and uplifting while exquisitely touching! Sarah West’s new book & Cd release, The Search for the Beloved is a mystical rapture unveiling the journey inward as one searches for love outwardly. Hailed a modern Rumi utterance, The Search for the Beloved carries you palpably into a hypnotic state undulating your heart, your soul, your spirit and even your body to pulse alive again in ways you have longed to awaken.”
– Evan Soul, reviewer

The Search for the Beloved, Sarah West’s book and CD release is an ecstatic delivery on the scale of Rumi and beyond! So sublime, you are sure to be wafting in the rafters by the first line, and by the end, so immersed in your own sweet vulernability that you’ll be vibrating in bliss. You’ll want it go on forever….

Listening to Sarah’s voice and reading her mystic illumination are a rare treat to be enjoyed for all for lifetimes!”
– Ellara Randolf

Pick up a copy or two of this keepsake book for your bedside table:

• Open its lovely pages each night before slumber to read to yourself or your loved one in person or over the phone.

• Snuggle up close to your heart and soul and be soothed the sounds of Sarah’s voice on the page and on this luxurious CD.

• Bring your loved ones close by reading the inspirational text with those you care about. And, read it aloud to yourself. Touch the whole heart and soul of your being – the open wide self and the forlorn self.

• Heal any broken places that longs for love.

• Exponentialize the heart of you into further rapture awaking to the ever-present magnanimous soul of your being.


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Come JOIN Thekla and Me on Our Adventure!! Read my story:

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Thank you for joining my GoFundMe Project! Come along with me on this exciting journey to unravel and unfurl the splendid path of life fulfilling a vision, embodying a dream a long time coming.

I am excited  to share with you this amazing journey with my Diva Queen opera singer mom, Thekla, and me of fulfilling my dream of helping to uplift and transform this world while sharing the gifts I’ve been given. Right now, it is time for me to have an amazing agent, entertainment lawyer and manager: my Super Success Team! I am compelled by the continued need to take care of my elderly mom.

For 6 years now I have been her caregiver wearing every hat you can imagine and more, 24/7. Resurrecting her after my father passed away in 2009, sleeping with her in hospitals, massaging her and giving her healing treatments of all kinds daily to help her recover fully, 100% from chronic bronchitus and pneumonia she suffered from in and out of hospitals for almost 3 years every month beofre my father died, being her emotional balast during the roller coaster ride of legal tryanny that ensued after my father’s passing and bringing her to a Life filled with Love and support that she enjoys like never before.

I am filled with the passion to provide financial freedom and stability for her since her affairs including her home are still tied up in legal matters and was illegially taken away from her and vandalized and broken into by one of her own children who thought he was entitled to all she owned and took steps to terroize her, colluding with others, and criminally take everything away from her.

I want to provide a safe home and joyous life for her and take care of her needs so she has peace of mind, finally. She deserves this. We both want peace and to move freely forward into LIFE now!

The only way I know to do this is to share the gifts I have on a much bigger scale doing sound tracks for larger film projects than I’ve done so far and singing publically, again, on a much larger scale, as well, doing a book tour and much, much more!

The entertainment industry is based in LA and NYC, so we have to GO!!

She has a mission, too, as an artist and a beautiful soul in this world, as a former opera singer and deep, treasured soul, to inspire people with her Life Story. I want to help her do this now in a big way. Many of you have met her  and been touched by her Spirit, her fabulous being and have fallen in love with her. We have some AMAZING ideas for her to share her delightful, inspiring SPIRIT with you all!

Together, let’s raise the roof and shout out to the mountain tops to help us get to where we are going! I promiss to create beautiful inspirations to tickle your Soul into rapture and waft your heart into rapport with your infinite and mundane being, simultaneously, dancing with the stars in Joy, inspiring you to Live and I am dancing with you, too!

I’ve worked humbly throughout this world for many years and it is time to step out, again, and be fully public with my purpose. Because of my mom’s needs and my own as her caregiver, I am compelled to step out radically now in this way. I must act now! It is time. And it is now. I am going to New York City and Los Angeles to scout, pound the pavement, go door to door, record and build rapport and gracefully and expeditiously and efficiently MEET my Super Team now!

To talk to those in front of me and allow myself to be right in front of those who are aligned with exquisite integrity and to gloriously bring my gifts into this world as they fulfill their gift and joy now.

I feel this deep calling as I have all my life to continue helping people to find their inner core, their truth, their “raison d’etre”, the well within their innermost being;  To demonstrate the Stillness that is the source of all peace, all understanding, all health, all success, and happiness.

From this inner-connectedness, we move and have our being. And, from this place, I am moved to stand in the world and meet the team to help me offer myself as a teacher sharing my gifts even more globally through film, TV, radio, print and more.

These gifts that I have shared with you and all over the world for over 15 years which help save people, inspire people, uplift people, empower people are what save and inspire me, too. The Stillness and Beauty and Love that move through me is the only thing that keeps me alive AND sane. I am only here because these gifts move though me.

There are many beautiful things to do on this earth that can bring us happiness and health, or wealth and fulfillment but only through this direct and consistent connection  with our inner Realm of Stillness do we find our true and lasting path.

I am able to touch people with this Stillness, to transmit a palpable, practical holy moment so-to-speak that assists people in arriving Home, back to your Heart, back to your Soul, back to your Sanity, back to Yourself.

All changes around us, but our core connection is our Home. And, this is what I love helping people expeirence – sometimes for the first time in their lives, sometimes for the millionth. I love to take people Home to the Heart of themselves.

This is the gift of the arts. Why we love music,  dance, painting, sculpting, poetry and stories. They help us transcend.

These Sacred Arts do more than help us escape; they help us Transform. The Transcendent Arts help meet us where we are: deep in our humanity and, carry us through a holy journey out of a confinement into a State of Awe and Freedom. This is the true wonder of Art! The Craft of carrying an individual, a group, a society, a world, through an experience that captivates us enough to stick around and be pressed, prodded, massaged, whispered to, gently blown on maybe even screamed at to show us the range of ourselves, and then, miraculously, return us to our own awareness renewed, inspired, enlightened and, somehow, more grounded than before! This is the Gift of the Arts!

Some arts bring us closer to this profound transcendence than others. Some arts just seem to distract us till we wake up and realize we are wasting our time and must re-connect in a deeper way.  It is all our choice how we saturate ourselves in what frequency of consciousness.

I’m inspired to share in this world with each of you, this infinite Stillness, this Home and the wisdom of Living.

We all have a purpose to fulfill in our lives. We all are journeying outwardly or in the secret of our inner world to somehow arrive at our fulfillment. It’s an on-going exploration. Here I share my compelling purpose with you and am asking for your sacred and wondrous support.

Navigating the waters of life are a great mystery, my passion is to help by sharing what moves through my whole being whether it’s through this transcendent, deeply healing transmission I call “Mystical Opera” or, through the awakening and education I offer in my psychic coaching sessions and inspirational books and CD’s.

I invite all of you to participate: those who are my clients for decades, those of you who are new, those who have heard me sing to your Soul in your home countries around this world , in your church on this continent or another, those who have heard me on TV, YouTube or experienced my CDs, COME JOIN ME NOW in fulfilling this beautiful reality. Thank you for donating now from your Soul!

Feel free to come back and donate again tomorrow and the next day!

And, thank you for sharing with your friends!

I have allowed myself during my 6 years caregiving my mother full-time, alone, to delve in moments in the waters of very dense realities exploring the vastness of human duality in trauma and drama and I have chosen to relieve myself of that mission, grateful for all I have witnessed and garnered to rise like the butterfly to explore new joyous territory with all that I have learned to share this very human journey and to continue learning and teaching in fulfillment and joy.

Enjoy my latest book and CD Limited Anniversary Edition of “THE SEARCH FOR THE BELOVED” .
ORDER NOW while supplies last – there less than 200 are left! Click the link on my website ‌to purchase it or Click HERE to send it directly to your and your loved ones home through Amazon now .

PICTURED BELOW: My mummy Thekla and I outside the Carpenter Theatre in Richmond, Virginia. The home of the Richmond Symphony which my mom tirelessly dedicated her life to helping start in the 1950’s! She campaigned for almost 40 years sacrificing her family much of the time to raise millions of dollars and write, produce and direct TV, radio and print ADs as well as go all over the state inspiringly educating 1000’s of adults and children about the arts .

She found the first conductor through her contacts with Leonard Bernstein! She always and only took a “yes” to build, support and sustain the arts in all her fund-raising efforts and public relations. She fought for the arts. She never took “no” for an answer when she was fighting to create and keep alive the Richmond Symphony for all those years.

Thekla n Sarah West at the  Carpenter Center Theatre, Richmond, Virginia
Thekla n Sarah West at the Carpenter Center Theatre, Richmond, Virginia