Where Do We Go from Here? The Ramifications of Rampant Oppression

The reign of terror by Arana who enacted unmitigated brutality against the people in the Amazon for the rubber trade.

The World Explained – Part 1:

by Sarah West Love

Thank you dear Beauty.

You are so kind.

We are imprisoned by fascism… its everywhere…

Our earth is covered in micro-plastics (and micro and macro agressions) which are in every ounce of water everywhere and in every food we eat, in every creature who breathes, in all who drink.

All plastics are made by the petro chemical industry whose owners are the fiercest advocates for oppression along with the pharmaceutical industry owners and all their biggest stock holders – and others. Can you name them? Can you name your oppressors??

I speak of only this one foundational evil transgression to represent them all. For water is Life and what we do to our water, we have done to each other and what we have done to each other, we have done to ourselves.

And, we each fund these transgressors of dignity, whores for power, reenactors of crimes against humanity and all Life with every dollar we spend in everything we do and by all on which we depend. So, who is culpable?

We have been at this war for 1000s of years, we just are at the end of it now.

Not because its stopping on it’s own no matter what we do; its stopping because this tyranny has led to, and led by, our ultimate hubris. Our Earth’s ability to sustain us – and all life – is coming to a close…… 

The violence we have catapulted into existence projected directly from our own disowned, unloved, unhealed selves, and allowed to rage and reign has destroyed Life for too long, and now, far too much. Any one act of cruelty is a crime against humanity- a crime against any Life and all of Nature. We are stripped of our link with the land and our heritage as a people among other creatures.

We are all either tyrant or victim and often both and neither is an acceptable side of the coin. If we remain there, here, no one wins; no one loves. No one lives.

The only answer is to become the healer. And, the only way to do that is to heal. And, the only way to do this is to feel.

We haven’t changed our passive complicity or our unbounded participation and patronage of the tyrant’s class – the colonizer, the imperialist, the oligarch – the compartmentalized heartless staff of the office of oppressors. Most of us all live somewhere on their rung. We don’t want to see it, but it’s true.

In many, those we call revolutionaries, and perhaps many other names not so romantic depending on our level of steeped privilege, we are seeing the waking up of the dragon of angelic, life-giving consciousness rising out of their spines like a tsunami for waves upon waves of dissolving impact upon the shielded megalomaniacal owners of what these pinnacled money-launderers have co-opted and patented: our right to Life. Has sovereignty been relegated to only those without ears?

The modern sheros and heros of-right-now are saving the lives of all of everyone. Shall we join them? Shall we choose to understand? Shall we begin listen? Shall we listen more deeply? Shall we set aside our closed-mindeness, our well-worn strategies to tune-out and justify? Shall we really listen what’s in the air? Shall we care?

These elite of the elite and all whom they brainwash with infinite, cookie-cutter coersions, direct and indirect threats of death, or exile if they don’t comply – as in self-silence – and fall in line and, even more so, become unwavering henchmen and shills themselves to vehemently perpetuate the fear of death into the soft minds of even children even babies (I go more in depth of this in an upcoming post) up into all ages of all who can possibly be reached infecting every new generation with what results in us, a sedated soldier: we are or, deny we are, plagued by a numb, dumb, grey depression unidentifiable where we humans cope with societally accepted imprisonments by which we are accepting the well-worn offerings of the fascist propagandists’ properties by drowning in their/our alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, busyness, shopping, hoarding of all and anything, raping, murdering, media, movies – which are filled with secret oppressive propaganda to continue the brainwashing, unfree our mind and body, heart and soul.

All obsessions driven by soullessness is finality – is fatality.

What is a human without their Spirit? What is a body without a soul? What??

Where have the zombied trenches invaded your heart? The zombies have landed and they are inside of all of us who sit on the couch idly sipping on a martini or a beer or scarfing fast food or hoarding with one’s plastic or new-fangled digital credit card. Whatever our denizen of denial, our head is in the sand if we are not outraged – raging outwardly about the clear violence set upon our very Earth and against so many of Her creatures. Yes, Her creatures. We are Hers. We are all of Her. We are made of Her these vessels are. That which animates Her animates us. That which made Her; makes us. Our bodies return to Her. And, our souls return to that which made Her. We are never truly separate but that is for another blog post also and for another of much much much more.

Are we listening to the rumbling discontent of our own gut? Are we listening from the pre-traumatized consciousness?

Or, are we wasting the Life we’ve been given by obeying man-made fake laws of control and destroy?

Did you know no thing good comes from sheer control? Did you know that if you live for rigidity you are sucked into the mind of your master? Your slave master? Did you know we have all been raised to be slaves? Some are more pleasantly appointed slaves but we are all slaves – those of us inculcated with the DNA of those infected by so-called civilization.

We are domesticated.

We are initiated into “do as your told” and don’t question your teachers. “Children are to be seen not heard.” We are drilled by those demeaning us to sit on our hands, stay in our seats, don’t question authority. We have, literally, been beaten into submission.

Are you speaking out? Are you standing up? Who are you protecting? Are you protesting? What are you preserving? Life? The right to a soulful Life? Who are you willing to conserve? Are your stocks more important than your children’s water? Every animal’s water? Every insect’s right for water? Your neighbor’s right for water? Your fellow brother and sister in humanity who lives across the tracks, across the river, on the other side of the planet? Your own right for clean water?

Well, your, my, our right for clean water is too late. We can never get back a plastic-free, unpoisoned water. Never. Ever. It’s gone. It’s too late. Just like it’s too late to get back the life of Breona Taylor, Sandra Bland, George Floyd, Martin Luther King, JFK, Joan of Arc, Jesus of Nazareth, 1000s of ecological activists who’ve been murdered for standing to protect indigenous peoples and nature throughout the world and millions more who’ve stood for life, stood for integrity, stood for conscience, stood for kindness, stood for justice.

The martyrs murdered by humans who’ve lost their connection to their very own souls, to their very own hearts, to their very own inspired, angelically motivated beingness will never end their ravishing, ravaging of our precious Earth and Her peoples, Her creatures – us and all Life, until we all stand together – until we all speak up together – until we all speak out together – until we all shout out from the mountain tops as well as from the tiniest corridors of our own towns, offices and bedrooms.

Get out of the car! Stop the train! Stop the sex! Stop the raping! Stop the gluttony, the greed, the envy, STOP the deadly jealousies!

Free the tyrant within! Dissolve the fear-mongering control mechanisms placed in us long, long ago. We must, must rise. We must, must all rise. 

But, we must first melt.

If we are frozen, we must first thaw. Melt the hardened, freezing, cold, locked away real selves buried so long ago and every single day henceforth.

And, this will only happen when we hear the inner oppressor and listen even deeper to the inner hero – which we all have. You know why I know we all have an inner shero? Because we all are alive. Life is the inner hero. Life. Listen to Life! Listen to opening. Listen to change. Listen to flexibility. Listen to harmony. Listen to synergy. Listen to community. Listen to evolution. Listen to each other – all others. All sides for we are all only on one side.

Listen to the listeners.

If you hear only structured closure. If you hear only fear. If you hear only condemnation. If you hear only singularity. If you hear only your toxic self-interest not regulated by love. If you hear only tight rigidity, these are your clues. 

Listen deeper beyond your pain.

Listen for that which unifies. Listen for that which testifies by breath, by remorse, by conscience, by humility, by joy.

Listen to that which exudes enthusiasm – not narcissistic charisma but Love.

Listen to that which calls all together not separates.

Listen to that which demands healthy boundaries – I know you don’t know what those are perhaps, or know too well as you’ve clawed, crawled, cried your way toward your own healing, wholeness.

Invite healing. Invite wholeness. Invite healthy boundaries so you can say, “No.” And, so you can say “No!” And, so you can say, “Yes!” All on your terms written on the forever of your most vulnerable, powerful love imbibed heart.

So, how to further unhinge from epigenetic poison? This is the question and this is the real pandemic.

Stay tuned for more. 😘

Thank you for listening. Keep listening. Open. Open wider, deeper to the you that is us all.

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Thank you for listening. Thank you for listening deeply within.


Copyright 2020 Sarah West

Aka Sarah West Love

11:33 a.m. CST

27 July 2020

Nashville, Tenessese, land of the lockdown.

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